Natural Capital Consulting (Pty) Ltd is an independent resource economic development and consulting company, based in South Africa. It is a female managed company, owned and led by the directors, who are familiar with the challenges of complex problem solving in fluctuating economic and natural resource environments.

“Natural Capital Consulting (Pty) Ltd, provides long-term sustainable solutions to business and development through transforming the way we use and manage our natural capital asset base”

What differentiates us?

Natural Capital Consulting (Pty) Ltd has a unique technical capability in resource economics and the following differentiates us:

  • We have expert knowledge of our services,
  • We provide solutions-orientated services and recommendations,
  • We have a strong multi-disciplinary understanding enabling us to work across various natural resources, business sectors, regions and continents,
  • We have a network of professionals and associates locally and globally whose expertise we are able to draw on to complement our services,
  • We aim to build effective and lasting partnerships within the regions in which we operate,
  • We remain independent, with no vested interests in or bias towards the research outcomes.

What is Natural Capital?

Natural capital refers to the natural asset base on which both business sustainability and human well-being depend. The depletion of our natural capital base poses a risk to the long-term sustainability of business operations and human welfare. Natural capital underpins our financial, economic and business systems, our social and cultural systems, and the health and well-being of human life. In short, natural capital encompasses the renewable goods (agricultural crops, forestry, fisheries, and water), non-renewable goods (minerals) and environmental services (flooding control, climate regulation, production of clean air, and crop pollination) that nature provides. Understanding and valuing natural capital provides the potential to reconcile economic, environmental, financial and social interests through development and growth.


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