Clients & Partners


Our global reach and flexible approach allows us to provide services to clients, wherever
they are located in the world.

We do work for the private sector across a broad spectrum of industries and resources,
including mining, agriculture, water and biodiversity. We provide solutions-orientated
services for financial institutions, regulatory and government agencies, international
development agencies, parastatal organisations, non-government organisations and
various corporate clients.

We provide a unique mix of skills, knowledge and experience in understanding natural
capital and its impact on revenue streams and long-term sustainability. As a result we
are able to support our clients in realising their potential, both responsibly and

Partners and Associates

We employ a core team of full-time resource economists and source additional expert
specialists from the company’s network, for major multi-disciplinary projects.

Our partners and associates are established professionals in their own right. We value
their insights, expertise and enduring affiliate collaboration.

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