Natural Capital Consulting (Pty) Ltd provides inter-disciplinary expertise and knowledge through independent research, consulting and advisory solutions, stakeholder facilitation, training and capacity-building services to clients in the public and private sectors.

Independent Research

Fundamental research underpins much of the learning and understanding around business streams and the role of natural capital in ensuring the sustainability of these business streams. We have expertise in multi-disciplinary research undertaken within the region and globally. Research has been undertaken for various sectors including academic, financial markets, industry, mining/minerals, governmental organisations, non-governmental institutions and non-profit organisations.

Our independent research services include:

  • Economic thematic research,
  • Economic market analysis,
  • Commodity analysis, modeling and forecasting,
  • Strategy and programme development,
  • Resource economic valuations and assessment,
  • Resource policy and guidelines development.

Consulting and Advisory Solutions

The natural capital on which we depend underpins a multitude of business and economic processes. Understanding and valuing natural capital within business and economic systems supports the long-term sustainability of the business value chains. It also supports better-informed decision-making around risks and opportunities specifically linked to the economics of natural resources.

Our consulting and advisory services include:

  • Conducting industry and sector economic analyses and market reports,
  • Economic and natural resource policy and guideline development,
  • Economic planning assessments and reviews,
  • Commodity analysis, modelling and forecasting,
  • Strategy and programme development,
  • Resource-based economic development advisory support,
  • Effective project management.

Stakeholder Facilitation

Many processes or project outcomes rely on effective stakeholder facilitation. Facilitation allows for various competing stakeholders to come together, to voice their opinions and concerns, and work together constructively towards achieving appropriate outcomes and solutions.

Our services for outcomes-orientated stakeholder facilitation processes include:

  • Workshop and dialogue organization, planning and implementation,
  • Write-up and preparation of background documents, facilitation reports and outcomes,
  • Expert-facilitated processes across various resource and developmental issues.

Capacity Building

The role of natural capital in supporting economic development and business streams lies at the core of long-term sustainability. Traditionally, these elements have been measured and assessed in silos. As independent resource economists we work across disciplines, integrating the fundamental principles of resource economics that underpin sustainable business.

Our services through capacity building and training include:

  • Identifying training needs in resource economics focusing on the mining/minerals, water, agriculture, and biodiversity sectors for clients,
  • Developing suitable training materials to address sector-specific needs for resource economics,
  • Encouraging and supporting skills development for sustainable economic solutions.

Regional and Global Partnerships

Natural capital underpins all areas of business and human well-being. It spans all regions and continents. Natural Capital Consulting (Pty) Ltd recognises the wealth of expert knowledge available through our networks and associates. We build effective, supportive, long-term partnerships with these networks, our clients and stakeholders.

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