About Us

Natural Capital Consulting (Pty) Ltd is a distinctive resource economic development and consulting company, based in South Africa.

We provide a comprehensive range of professional resource economic services to support long-term sustainability for various aspects of business and development. Our approach combines in-depth knowledge of the financial, economic, environmental, institutional, social and cultural environments in the regions in which we work.

Business Approach

We are committed to delivering scientific excellence and reliable solutions-orientated services to our clients, to safeguard the sustainability of the natural capital on which their revenue streams depend.

Our business approach is underpinned by the following philosophy. We are committed to:

  • finding flexible, solutions-orientated outcomes across different locations,
  • building long-term effective partnerships with our clients and stakeholders,
  • encouraging shared knowledge and learning across the projects we undertake,
  • sustainability and responsible business practices.

Business Aim

Natural Capital Consulting (Pty) Ltd aims to provide sustainable solutions for the management and use of natural capital assets in order to ensure and sustain future business and income streams for our partners and stakeholders, and to encourage development success.


Nicola King is the founder and director of Natural Capital Consulting (Pty) Ltd. She has over 20 years of experience working as a resource economist across various natural resources, industries, regions and continents.


We are uniquely skilled professional economists with experience working in multi- disciplinary environments and across various resource sectors. Our skills include technical and scientific economic research; assessments and report writing; project management and implementation; stakeholder facilitation, training and capacity building.


Natural Capital Consulting (Pty) Ltd aims to undertake business that is committed to sustainability and responsible business practices in line with applicable legislation and global best practice. We support the sustainable use of natural resources (natural capital). We are committed to open and fair engagements with stakeholders interested in and affected by our activities and consider their views and concerns in our decision-making.

Our Capability Statement

Our Capability Statement can be downloaded here.

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